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Audit Planning

✓ Preparation of audit requirement list
✓ Trial balance mapping
✓ Suggestive materiality workings
✓ Preliminary analytical review
✓ Assist in team planning – budgeting, task allocation, project management
✓ Assist in drafting minutes of planning meeting
✓ Roll forward of Audit planning documentation – mapping of significant accounts, associated risks, assertions and controls
✓ Assist in documenting the walkthroughs with the supporting evidences provided
✓ Testing of controls
✓ Circulating group reporting instructions and maintaining a track of the deliverable
✓ Opening balance verification

Audit Execution

✓ Preparation, verification, and review of working papers
✓ Assist in Sample selection for testing
✓ Audit evidence verification and linking of documents
✓ Circulating balance confirmations and maintaining a tracker (also through confirmation.com)
✓ Substantive analytical procedures
✓ Data analysis

Audit Conclusion

✓ Assist in preparation of financial statements as per the applicable GAAP
✓ Assist in preparing consolidation workings
✓ Quality review of financial statements
✓ Preparation and review of GAAP disclosure checklists
✓ Preparation of Management Letter Points (MLP), issue letters and Letter of Representation (LOR)
✓ Preparation of draft consultation memos on auditing or accounting issues

Internal Audit

✓ Assist in planning and project management of internal audit assignments
✓ Assist in preparing work papers
✓ Assist in testing of internal control framework and maintaining required
✓ Examining audit evidence and indexing the documents
✓ Summarising internal audit observations and recommendations
✓ Assist in preparing internal audit reports